The Mutis hotel in Indonesia has monumental spaces


Enter a living environment that merges nature and modern atmosphere inside the Mutis hotel. Imagined by 279 concept studio in Indonesia, the construction uses geometric shapes and natural materials to make you feel at home with nature. Minimalist in design, but maximalist in function.

The designers conceptualized the hotel in a way that can give people the opportunity to feel like part of nature thanks to the location, natural materials, colors, art objects and the interplay of plants. They wanted to make areas of the monumental. As such, organic elements have been incorporated into construction and furnishings. These include plants, trees, concrete, and the use of earthy tones for the interior and exterior.

Meanwhile, artistic plaster, polished concrete on the floors, and custom metal and wood panels on the walls make up the interior of the Mutis Hotel. Even the en-suite bathroom, separated by a glass partition, opens up to the sky with ferns, rocks, stones, and trees adding a more natural setting.

Then the furniture comes in a mix of concrete, metal and wood in gray, brown or other dark shades. Ambient light comes from the combination of track lights, pendant lights and ledge lights scattered throughout the bedroom and living areas. But the icing on the cake comes from the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

The Mutis hotel even has a swimming pool that overlooks the vast natural view. Then there is an outdoor bar made with an old wooden Japanese facade. The piece, on the other hand, is a combination of Asian and minimalist direction with expressive textures and personalized details.

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Images courtesy of 279 Concept Studio


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