The Hub apartments sustain significant damage, no injuries are reported


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – The Hub Apartments located off Lovers Lane in Bowling Green suffered extensive damage to numerous buildings and vehicles.

Several cars were overturned during Saturday morning’s storm. Some vehicles overturned and slid inches from porches.

After parts of a roof were torn off, a fire broke out on top of an apartment building, likely due to electrical damage.

WBKO News reporter Allie Hennard said she was home when the tornado hit Bowling Green. She says that once everything goes dark, she could yell at her neighbors.

“And I remember everything went black. I could still see a bit of the lightning outside and I could see everything shaking. I thought my front door was going to explode because I could see it warp a bit, said: “Then the noise I heard, I wish I could describe it, but I absolutely can’t. I’m sure it’s because of the window breaking and then part of the roof on the other side of my unit came off so it was probably just a tear. And then I could just hear everyone outside talking, people shouting. It was probably the scariest thing I have ever experienced.

Construction management says no one has reported injuries. Crews are working to clear all debris, dangerous pieces of metal from the road and repair potentially dangerous windows and roofs from apartment buildings.

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