Swedish Peab to build apartments in Skien, Norway

Rendering of the new apartments in Herkules Park in Skien (Arkitektkontoret Point)

Swedish builder Peab has been commissioned to build two six-story buildings containing 40 new apartments in the Norwegian town of Skien.

Worth just under $ 14 million (NOK 119 million), the contract adds to the waterfront residential development Herkules Park in Hjellevannet.

The client, the developer of Herkules Park Klosterfoss Utvikling, is owned by Citycon and Peab Eiendomsutvikling.

“We are ready to launch this project. The soil conditions are good and we are expecting an efficient construction process and high quality delivery. All carpentry and some parts of the concrete work will be done by our own craftsmen and we will include interns in the project, ”says Terje Kaasa Larsen, responsible for Peab in Norway.

“Our experience is that housing projects in this neighborhood have been well received and make people happy. We want to contribute to the community by building connected homes to centers with meeting places, healthcare and shopping possibilities, ”said Citycon Commercial Director Håkon Tuv Dalland.

The project is a turnkey contract and starts this month. Peas noted the apartments would be ready to move in before summer 2023.


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