Resident Evil Village sells over 5 million copies


Although it was only launched in May of this year, the Japanese developer and Capcom today revealed that Resident Evil Village, which is the eighth main installment in the long-running survival horror franchise, has now sold more than five million units in total. This means that the game, which is a sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, turned out to be a major success for the company and all that guarantees the continuation of the series.

In total, Capcom specifically announced today that Resident Evil Village has exceeded 5 million copies shipped. This means that not all of these units were sold directly to customers, but rather were simply shipped to retailers (or sold through digital storefronts) around the world. Since Capcom makes its money directly from sales to retailers, this is the total the publisher is focusing more on.

What is astounding about this overall total is how quickly it happened. While the Resident Evil franchise has always been incredibly popular, see Resident Evil Village already become one of the best-selling entries of the series in less than five months is quite impressive. In fact, Capcom specifically notes that Town is already selling at a higher rate than any other entry before.

“Using the company’s proprietary RE engine, which made it possible to release simultaneously on new and current generation consoles, the game captivated gamers with a spectacular gaming experience with stunning photorealistic visuals and 3D sound from tip, “said Capcom in its Publish announcing the sales milestone today. “This has led the game’s global shipments to surpass 5 million units at a faster rate than its previous entry into the series.”

As mentioned, by combining the sales of Resident Evil Village With the 10 million units previously sold by Resident Evil 7, this tells us that Capcom is surely already working on what will be Resident Evil’s ninth main title. And while it may take us a few years to see this game see the light of day, it is almost certain that it will arrive before long.

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