Politics at Bharat Darshan Park and competing billboards of men, no products


When a Union cabinet minister, a Delhi resident by default, is going to inaugurate a park in the national capital, is he first a politician or a Union minister? The Dilliwalahs are as confused as the ruthlessly ambitious politician, who wore his party’s badge of pride and lashed out at the Delhi government and ridiculed the Delhi chief minister in his inaugural address.

The number two in the cabinet indulging in petty politics to collect a few votes from the Dilliwalahs in the municipal elections not yet announced? Unfortunately, this is becoming the norm in the current state of our nation. It is perhaps for this reason that the park which he inaugurated is baptized “Bharat Dharshan Park”. Oh! Should we say ‘naam-karan’ instead of ‘baptized’? And sorry for the Freudian slip. It should be ‘Darshan’.

This 8.5-acre park contains replicas of the politics, park, and billboards of seventeen monuments made from scrap metal. Ironically, the theme of this Bharat Darshan park is “unity in diversity”. The only unit or unifying link that binds the Union and the governments of Delhi is the way in which public money is spent by both on advertising.

The Union Minister, oblivious to the Union government’s advertising spending, criticized our man AK over the public money spent on billboards in Delhi. It was ill-advised and ill-chosen because the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) went out of their way to point the finger at over 800 signs in Delhi with the Prime Minister or the UP Chief Minister or both watching Dilliwalahs. In contrast, the Delhi government had only put up 108 signs, AAP claimed. The war of words did not end there. While the Union Minister called the AAP government “corrupt”, the AAP quickly counterattacked by alleging that the Delhi municipal corporations run by the BJP were the “most corrupt civic bodies in the world. world”. While all of this is worth the laughs of, the joke, unfortunately, is on Dilliwalahs!


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