Planning Council Agenda This Week: Apartments on Hanover Street, CMC Project Update, and Living Together


City Works is a regular column that strives to provide an overview of projects presented to the Planning Council, Zoning Council and Heritage Commission by posting agendas and relevant information to keep the public informed of this. that is happening.


The Manchester Zoning Council met the Thursday August 12 at 6 p.m. at the Town Hall in the Alderman Room. If you missed the meeting, it will be available for viewing on demand. During the meeting, the following decisions were made:

  • ZBA2021-063, 6, front road – exemption granted
  • ZBA2021-77, 270 rue Amory – exemption granted
  • ZBA2021-078, 2343 Elm Street – exemption granted
  • ZBA2021-079, 1332 Island Pond Road – exemption granted
  • ZBA2021-080, 5, rue McPhail – exemption granted
  • ZBA2021-083, 1405 River Road – exemption granted
  • ZBA2021-084, 155 Anthony Street – deposit
  • ZBA2021-085, 341, avenue du lac – exemption granted
  • ZBA2021-086, 414 rue Kelley – exemption granted
  • ZBA2021-073, 321-323 rue Taylor – exemption granted
  • ZBA2021-087, 284 rue Hanover – exemption granted
  • ZBA2021-081, 655 South Willow Street – exemption granted
  • ZBA2021-089, 603 rue Beech – exemption granted
  • ZBA2021-090, 215, rue Prospect – exemption granted

The following cases were requests for rehearing:

  • ZBA2021-046, 97 Sheffield Road – exemption granted
  • ZBA2021-055, 296 rue Orange – refused, no material difference in the case as presented.


The Planning advice will meet on Thursday August 19 To 6:00 p.m.. The meeting will be broadcast live on Channel 22. A complete copy of the meeting agenda can be found here. Project requests and other documents for this meeting are available in line.

Photo of the building

CU2021-013: 420-422, rue Belmont, district commercial zoning of the district

Applicant, Estanislao Antonio Zapata asks an application for a conditional use permit to allow the sale of alcoholic beverages associated with a catering establishment with a maximum value of 5,000 SF.

S2021-008: 73 Hanover Street and 875 Elm Street, Central Business Zoning District

Keach-Nordstrom Associates, Inc for Chongos, LLC submits subdivision application to adjust common lot line by transferring 2,284 sq. Ft. To lot 7 from lot 36.

SP2021-019, 216 Elm Street, Central Business District

The requester requested a postponement to the September 2, 2021 meeting. Granite Engineering, LLC for 216 Elm Street Properties, LLC presents a sitemap app for adding drive-thru to an existing fast food restaurant, with associated site improvements.

SP2021-020, 100 McGregor Street, Multi-Family Urban Zoning District

TFMoran for the Catholic Medical Center submits a request to modify a previously approved site plan by reducing the overall building by 38,552 sq. ft. and adding a new loading dock and an IRM dock with awning.

SP2021-021, 284, avenue Notre Dame, multi-family urban zoning district

TFMoran for Catholic Medical Center presents a site plan request to construct an 18,147 square foot, 2 story central utility plant with associated site improvements.

Photo of the building

SP2021-022, 603, rue Beech, civic-institutional zoning district

Joseph M. Wichert, LLS for 603 Beech Street, LLC presents a application for a site plan to change the use of an existing office building to a collective housing facility.


  • CU2021-013, 420-422, rue Belmont
  • S2021-006, 563, chemin Candia
  • SP2021-018 Sheffield Road
  • PDSP2021-002, 315, rue Kimball

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