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Park IP, a Welocalize Company, Hosts Let’s Go Summit Sessions Focused on Using MT and Overcoming Language Barriers in LegalOps

(NEW YORK) – After more than a year of adapting to a virtual world, businesses continue to implement new ways to engage, learn and grow effectively and efficiently. The virtual summit on demand from Welocalize, Let’s go !, provides a blueprint for global success in 2022, with sessions facilitated by IP Park focus on the future of patent translation, overcome language barriers in legal operations and use machine translation (MT) in legal translations.

The sessions of the legal and regulated sectors include:

Using AI to overcome language barriers in legal operations: Understand how AI can be harnessed to overcome language barriers in legal content that requires greater attention to detail and precision.

Legal translation is everywhere: Translation plays a crucial role in portfolio management. Learn how to develop a centralized action plan to manage this process.

Present and Future of Patent Translation (available in Japanese with English subtitles): This session examines the challenges of intellectual property translation, how to overcome them, and best practices for accuracy. It also covers the role of MT over the next three years.

Will machine translation replace human translators? (available in Chinese with English subtitles): How can you use MT to complement human translation? This session will discuss the future of machine translation and whether it is the end of it for human translators.

Localization and translation for highly regulated industries? : Localization of highly regulated content requires compliance with local, state, and federal rules and regulations. Find out how to ensure the quality and compliance of your localized content.

A virtual multitrack summit with an on-demand touch

The speaker lineup includes 49 subject matter experts from a variety of industries including legal and intellectual property, life sciences, finance, localization, digital marketing, compliance, AI, and training. Each session will be available on request.

“At our first on-demand summit, we’re equipping business leaders with everything they need to exceed their goals in 2022. Our team created content across six streams. Designed for convenience so summit attendees can watch anywhere, anytime, on any device, ”comments Devin Lynch, vice president, Customer Success.

On-demand content will be released on November 16, 2021. Virtual participants will receive personalized recommendations for content leads, based on their areas of interest.

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About Park IP, a Welocalize company

Park IP, a Welocalize company, provides foreign language solutions for translation and patent filing management, electronic litigation support, and corporate legal services. We offer linguistic solutions that meet strict quality standards through a network of expert linguists in the technical field. Technology-based, ISO-certified operations ensure global efficiency, speed and value.

Welocalize, founded in 1997, offers innovative language services to help global brands reach audiences worldwide in more than 250 languages. The company provides translation and localization, language talent management, language tools, automation and technology, quality and program management services. Welocalize’s range of managed language services include machine translation, digital marketing, validation and testing, interpretation, multilingual data training, and enterprise translation management technologies. Welocalize is ranked as one of the world’s largest language service providers by language industry intelligence companies CSA Research, Nimdzi, and Slator.


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