Omni Dallas Hotel makes the most of its fun Curb Your Enthusiasm cameo


A Dallas hotel has featured prominently in a popular HBO series and is now having fun with it.

The show is Calm your enthusiasm, starring comedian Larry David, and the hotel was the downtown Omni Dallas Hotel. The episode, titled “Irrasshaimase”, debuted on November 21 and involved David having a date at a restaurant called Katsuya.

When he enters the restaurant, he leaves his umbrella at the docking station. Faithful to the restaurant’s tradition, the chefs shout “Irrasshaimase! “- which means” welcome to my restaurant “- when the customers come in. Enchanted by the greeting, David repeats it on his date when she sits down. This irritates the chef and the host, who comes to tell her that it is against the rules of customers to shout “irrasshaimase”.

David is typically unhappy, but other than this meeting, the date goes so well that he forgets the umbrella and has to come back the next day to pick it up.

“I left my umbrella here last night,” he says.
“Can you describe the umbrella?” The host asks innocently, as the umbrella is right behind him.
“It’s a green umbrella – it says Omni Dallas Hotel. There it is, right there,” David said, pointing at him.
“Oh, you mean that umbrella?” Why is it written Omni Dallas Hotel? Asks the host.
“I was staying at the hotel. It was raining. They let me take the umbrella when I went to the airport. That’s what they do for their guests,” says David.
“Shall I return it to you?” … Or the Omni Dallas hotel? Asks the host.
“You can give it back to me, and I’ll bring it back to the hotel. It’s none of your business anyway. Give it to me,” David said.
“We’ll give it back to you,” said the host.
“Will you give it back to me? I’ll give it back myself. It’s not your umbrella,” said David.
“But it’s not yours either,” says the host.
“I borrowed it, I’m going to give it back,” David said.
“Mr. David, I will be honored to return it to you,” said the host.
“I want this umbrella, it’s my umbrella!” David said.

Larry leaves the restaurant empty-handed. Later, he is at his golf club and asks the manager, who is also Japanese, to get him the umbrella.

Why don’t you just replace it? asks the manager.

“You can’t replace this umbrella. It withstands high winds, it never turns around, it’s the best umbrella I’ve ever had,” says David.

Omni Dallas hotel spokesperson Amber Bufkin said their team saw the episode and was thrilled.

“We got a lot of attention and a lot of people now want the umbrella as a Christmas present,” Bufkin said.

The umbrellas were actually a custom-made item especially for the hotel opening on November 11, 2011.

“By the time the Omni Dallas debuted, the hotel wanted people to know where it was coming from, so ‘DALLAS’ was printed in larger print,” says Bufkin. “Somehow, during the umbrella’s journey, it made it to the set of Calm your enthusiasm; how, we don’t know. “

“The studio connected with us, wanted more but we haven’t worn them since the opening year,” she says.

To take advantage of the surprise, Omni Hotels is launching a special promotion for fans to receive a limited number of umbrellas featured in the episode at four of their hotels:

  • Omni Dallas
  • Omni Berkshire Place in New York
  • Omni Los Angeles at California Plaza
  • Omni San Francisco Hotel

Each hotel has received a limited number of Omni Hotels & Resorts branded golf umbrellas to offer to guests who mention the episode.

Umbrellas will be available at reception but only while stocks last.

Guests who mention the episode will also receive a voucher for a “Larry Latte” at Morsel’s Coffee Shop. The café au lait comes with a nice souvenir umbrella in black paper.

As for Larry David, it’s not a happy ending: he never gets his umbrella back.


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