No need to bring money to LMCU Ball Park for the 2022 season


Do you remember when money was king? Not anymore at LMCU Ballpark for the 2022 West Michigan Whitecaps season.

You must always bring your debit or credit card to LMCU Ballpark, but you can leave your green tickets at home.

In today’s world because of COVID-19 and all of its variants, businesses must change their models to ensure the safety of people inside their establishments. Reducing long queues is a big part of that.

Let’s not forget the number of germs that can be found on cash, and the new variations that will appear on the right and left, it is also important for the home of the West Michigan Whitecaps to keep their employees safe.

FOX 17 reported, “We want our transactions to be faster, more convenient and more secure,” said vice president and general manager Jim Jarecki. “We started the transition to contactless payments for much of last season. We observed that most of the fans use the cashless option. Even stadium locations that accepted cash were used by fans with a credit card. ”

The move to LMCU Ballpark’s cashless system makes perfect sense. Reducing the time fans spend online means more time watching the game and spending that time in the stands with family and friends.

When attending LMCU Ballpark in the 2022 season, have your debit or credit card handy when driving, as parking will be cashless. Keep this map ready for dealerships, their retail store, hospitality decks, and 4Topps seating.

here is a 2022 Whitecaps link season in case you want to schedule the games you want tickets for next year. If you want to pull the trigger tickets for next year, click here.

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