Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Park: Here’s what it’s like to take on the challenge in Yorkshire and how you can apply to be part of the show

Ninja Warrior UKK

Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Park, inspired by the series, has centers in Leeds and Sheffield, with the one in West Yorkshire being the largest in the country to date.

“You can climb, balance, jump and swing through different obstacles using and developing your ninja skills, and we also have the famous warped wall for every aspiring ninja to conquer. In addition to our fixed Ninja features, we have a huge inflatable Airpark,” explains the park team.

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Can adults use Ninja Warrior UK?

French Ninja Warrior

First of all, the answer is yes, adults too can participate in all major supervised activity areas from the Ninja Warrior Run to the Inflatable Airpark, except the Toddler Mini Playground. small.

Our reporter Sophie Mei Lan traveled to Ninja Warrior UK Leeds with her daughters and friends to try it out.

Ninja head scarf, red Ninja gloves and socks, some people really watched the game as we all waited for our briefing. It was mandatory before entering the main area where we had to test our Ninja skills.

Some people were clearly regulars and prepared, with matching vests, shorts and even chalk on the palm.

Then there was us – a team of three moms and four girls.

Do you need to book online?

We booked online to save time, money and hassle on arrival as well as sign waivers in advance. You can also book by phone or take the risk of showing up the same day.

What should you prepare?

In addition to the purchase of the mandatory hygiene socks of the park, which you can do by reservation, unless you have already been there, it is advisable to come in sportswear or with comfortable and covered clothes.

You can also buy headbands and gloves, but these are optional. We decided not to have “the equipment and no idea”, until we had att

Although I confidently announced to the kids that I actually trained with a real ninja in Japan. Another Lockdown Zoom workout I had tried.

After reviewing the rules and quickly locking our belongings in the free lockers, we entered the main area.

The interior of the elaborate warehouse on the outskirts of Leeds in Seacroft is compact, but has everything you could want for a busy one or two hour session, depending on how much you want to pay.

Taking a quick look, it looked a lot more like an accessible version of the TV show than anything I’d experienced zooming in on a Ninja in Lockdown.

All I needed was Wakefield’s Chris ‘Kammy’ Kamara who co-hosted the TV show and opened the Leeds room, commenting on our efforts as we embarked on our first challenge.

Although we adults were more like sinking sand than bouncing, we tried the inflatable Airpark first.


This giant inflatable has an obstacle course on the periphery with a range of slides and gladiator-style challenges in the middle.

It’s like a big soft game but better for adults and kids. We climbed the obstacle course first, perfecting our belly bouncing technique as we fell off the springboards, – this is not a place for elegance, just pure fun and a good workout too.

Unfortunately, the children were slightly more agile than us older ones, but we adapted to the course nonetheless. My youngest daughter then brushed me off as I tried to climb up to fight her gladiator style in an effort to get mine back and I quickly failed.

But I was about to have my moment when I suggested we ask our coaches to take on the big, more adult-friendly Ninja Warrior UK races.

After a quick pit stop in the cafe where spectators can watch those completing the challenges, we lined up for our first race.

As it was mid-term, peak times and weekends, it was busy but not overcrowded. Although when I asked if I could come without the kids for a while, I was encouraged to do so at quieter times of the week.

Each of the three races ahead of us culminated in the infamous warped wall at the end, ranked from easiest to hardest.

The ninja warrior runs

My friend and I mapped out which run to take on first as a warm-up to the hardest.

As grassroots athletic women, we were determined to complete the middle course that two athletic men made look easy.

They were clearly regular ninjas, but we were familiar with the climbing setting of the local council playground, so we were determined to have the last laugh.

All those cold winter weekends spent at our local park with the kids were about to be worth it.

Ok, it’s tougher than those who came before us let on – but luckily there was a really friendly inclusive atmosphere, with a mix of pros and newbies tackling the course.

Even the foam steps to start the obstacle course require some agility, but I was safe in the fact that it was monkey bars first.

I was slightly apprehensive as I climbed over what looked like slices of cheese before proudly finishing the course with the wall.

At this point we realized that it was our children who were looking at us rather than the other way around. This added pressure allowed us to “beat the wall” together, before committing to the most difficult race.

While we had a quick cup of tea to fuel us for our last big challenge, the children, still full of energy, scattered over the Airpark.

Can you beat the wall?

With time ticking fast on our two-hour session, we were determined to attempt the toughest race.

Kids will struggle to reach the wheel-style monkey bars and moving handles on this course. They can, however, manage to get past the two clear plexiglass walls in the penultimate challenge of this race.

I couldn’t fathom the more extreme monkey bars which certainly can’t be found in the modest playground at my local park. But we’ll be back, like real ninjas, having built up some upper body strength, vowing to do regular triceps from our couches while watching the news.

As the clock struck 3 p.m. and the tannoy announced that our color group session was over, the question on our lips was: can we beat the wall?

We were determined to end the day with a bang, literally, and complete the toughest wall.

You have a short space to run up the wall and pull yourself up over it.

Run, grab the top of the wall, put your elbows on it and swing your lower body onto the balcony.

Ok, this is harder than the kids in front of us let on, although some of the other kids were on their umpteenth outing, determined to be able to say they had beaten the wall.

But you don’t get a souvenir photo or a T-shirt that says “I beat the wall”, so why not give up after a few tries?

My attitude quickly changed when the kids pushed us forward, as if as adults we could guide them on proper technique.

I confidently charged up the wall, before scratching the top and belly-scratching back down. Now that my resolve had set in too, I wasn’t leaving this place until I had scaled the top of the wall for my moment of glory.

It took a few tries and some guidance from a helpful supervisor who probably realized that she couldn’t finish her shift until I completed this challenge.

Eventually, our strength to ‘play rugby’ and ‘carry the children’ paid off as my friend and I beat the wall.

We met up with the whole group for a quick snack at the cafe before heading back out into the rain, vowing to come back regularly.

It’s a really friendly supportive environment for all ages (over four) and abilities and a really fun rainy day.

Ninja Warrior United Kingdom Sheffield

My eldest who is ten preferred the park in Leeds while my youngest said the Sheffield Adventure Park based at Meadowhall Retail Park had been better for her.

Apply to be part of the Ninja Warrior UK TV show

Returning to ITV for 2022, Ninja Warrior UK “will be bigger, faster and tougher with an all-new knockout competition structure”, according to ITV.

The latest TV series will have two champions this year as Britain’s top competitors take on ‘the toughest obstacle course ever built to become the 2022 Ninja Warrior UK Men’s Champion and Women’s Champion’.

The closing date for applications is: 11:59 p.m. Friday, July 1, 2022. For more information, visit:


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