Marugame Udon puts Liverpool Street Japanese restaurant on the menu


Marugame Udon, which operates more than 1,000 restaurants in Japan, will make a much anticipated UK debut with a 4,000 square foot opening in Liverpool Street. It will replace the Wahaca at 1 – 3 Widegate Street, after announcing its intention to open in the UK in summer 2020.

The company is best known for its adherence to the sanuki udon tradition achieved through machinery, uniquely designed to mimic the kneading and shaping movements that go into making hand udon. Kamaage udon, served in a communal pot with a dashi dip, and kake udon, served in a hot kakejiru broth of dashi, soy and mirin, are the two cornerstones of its menu, with guests able to accessorize bowls with tempura, chicken and pork katsu and onsen eggs. He will also bring a bar of condiments that he describes as “iconic”. A bold statement.

The Japanese cafeteria model, with noodles cooked to order and without table service, is part of the brand’s quick-serve approach, which might appeal to a British restaurant audience already indebted to nederry ramen. Udon specialists like the highly regarded Koya Bar and Ealing’s Kiraku have been very successful, and competitor Kineya Mugimaru moved to King’s Cross late last year. This is the least seen side of the land grabbing of the reopening of the coronavirus, in which international chains with financial strength will be able to take over large vacant restaurants for rents below what they could in time ” normal ”.


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