Manga From Southwest Japan Company Shares Behind-the-Scenes Hotel Cleaning ‘Magic’


Copies of the manga “The magic of cleaning guest rooms” are presented in this photo. (Mainichi)

FUKUOKA – A company in southwestern Japan that operates cleaning services for hotel rooms has released a manga that highlights cleaning staff working behind the scenes in the hospitality industry.

The manga, whose Japanese title can be roughly translated as “The Magic of Guest Room Cleaning,” features the know-how of Seibi-Kyushu Co., which operates a hotel room cleaning business spanning five prefectures. from the Kyushu region, with a focus on the city of Fukuoka, where the company is based. In the manga, the company shares its knowledge on improving the quality of cleaning services and training staff. A representative from the company’s hospitality department said, “We would like to improve the social status of housekeeping staff who are actively working behind the scenes in the hospitality industry.

The manga’s protagonist, illustrated by manga artist Yasufumi Matsumoto, is a rookie cleaner who hones her skills while making mistakes and discovering the rewarding aspects of her job. The second volume depicts the growth of the main character as she works towards her goal of becoming the leader of the cleaning crew, managing staff tasks and shifts.

Seibi-Kyushu says the common perception that cleaning hotel rooms is “a job anyone can do” is “a big misunderstanding.” Various skills and knowledge are required to carry out the cleaning work of all rooms to a level satisfactory to a wide range of customers in a limited period of time. As any quality issues or complaint handling would lead to a decline in the hotel’s reputation, the company says it is important to foster a sense of fulfillment and responsibility in every member of staff.

The hospitality industry is facing a prolonged shortage of cleaning staff. The Seibi-Kyushu representative stated, “We would like the manga to create an opportunity for people to experience the appeal of working as a hotel room cleaner.” While the majority of cleaning jobs are part-time, the company hires staff in leadership positions as full-time workers.

The manga’s first and second volumes each cost 880 yen (about $7) including tax. They can be purchased at major online bookstores.

(Japanese original by Hiroshi Higa, Kyushu News Department)


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