Local Business Spotlight: Yuki Yama Sushi


PARK CITY, Utah — Located on Main Street, Yuki Yama Sushi is an elegant combination of delicious Japanese food, mountain town style and camaraderie. Matt Baydala and Kirk Terashima are co-owners and partners in creating Yuki’s unparalleled dining experience. Matt leads the front of the house as general manager. As executive chef, Kirk encourages his team to prepare creative and delicious Japanese provisions.

“Our cuisine is a mix of Japanese-inspired sushi and sashimi dishes,” says Matt. “The beauty of our sushi bar is that we give our chefs the freedom to be creative. We really like to take talented chefs…and turn them into talented sushi chefs.

In addition to sushi and sashimi, Yuki’s menu also includes classic Japanese dishes like black cod with miso, homemade pork gyoza, tempura, and ramen with homemade broth.

Matt credits his team for the restaurant’s success. “Running a great restaurant is not easy. It’s not just about food. It’s about the staff. From front of house to back of house, the team really has to care about the business,” he says, “Then once you can build that team, then and only then will your guests will truly be able to get the best possible service and experience. »

Matt and Kirk work hard to make dining at Yuki Yama accessible. “In terms of our experience, we pride ourselves on being a neighborhood restaurant,” Matt describes, “We’re not trying to be a fine dining experience. We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable in our space. Our service is both relaxed and professional. We love when our staff have fun at work because when they have fun, our guests are too!

Yuki Yama Sushi Nigiri. Photo: Nate Dolin

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