LINKIN PARK reissues Minutues To Midnight with four bonus tracks


Linkin Park digitally re-released their 2007 album minutes to midnight for his 15and anniversary. In addition to the regular edition of the album, the new release features a combination of bonus tracks found on the Japanese and iTunes releases of the album. They are:

  1. “No Road Left”
  2. “Across the Line”
  3. “Given Up” (Third Session Encore)
  4. “What I Did” (Distorted Remix)

Besides, minutes to minutes was certified 5x Multi-Platinum (for achieving over 5 million sales) by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The two singles “Bleed It Out” and “Minutes To Midnight” also achieved 6x multi-platinum and 4x multi-platinum status. Which is a really impressive amount of sales considering the album has only been out for 15 years.

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Linkin Park also recently promised to communicate more with fans in the form of a monthly newsletter called Notes From The Band.

“Two decades and our LP community continues to inspire us,” the band said. “Your passion and dedication are the cornerstone of what we have built with you. And it does not go unnoticed.

“We thought it was time to start sharing a little more regularly with you. Starting this month, we’ll be putting (digital) pen to (digital) paper to share GROUP NOTES – tiny snapshots of our daily misadventures, of us each month. There’s no concrete plan, but that’s what we like.

Linkin Park multi-instrumentalist and singer mike shinoda said during a recent Twitch stream that the band doesn’t currently have any new music or touring plans in the works. Shinoda added that there is no point in trying and starting hype about a potential comeback now, as the group has nothing to do at the moment.

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“The only Linkin Park The news I have for you is… Yeah, we talk every few weeks – I talk to the guys, or some of the guys. And there are no tours, there is no music, there are no albums in the works. Alright, so let me just tell you this. So just keep in mind that it doesn’t happen.

“I’m just gonna say that for now. I’m saying that because every time the band says or does something, everybody tries to start the hype train, and we’re, like, ‘No, no, no, No. Don’t start the fad train. You’ll disappoint yourself. Don’t do that.

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