Library-themed hotel in Tokyo makes a book lover’s dream come true


A library-themed hotel in Tokyo has now become a book-lover’s paradise that won’t turn readers away if they lose interest in the subject, as it allows people to sleep on bookshelves.

Fact verified, the library even positively encourages people to spend their night, because it is also a hotel.

Book and Bed Tokyo, the bookstore-themed hotel, allows guests to sleep in Japanese-style cubicles built into the carefully constructed shelves that house over 1,700 English and Japanese books.

According to the sources, the library is located in the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo and can accommodate 12 guests among its shelves in compartments ranging from $32 to $50 depending on the size. Outside the common reading area, equipped with comfortable sofas, there is room for an additional 18 people in similar compartments.

It has 3,200 books on its shelves and can hold up to 5,000, and most of these books are in English or are guides to Japan, but some titles are also in Japanese.

Book and Bed Tokyo, which may not have the luxurious amenities of a five-star hotel, said “whatever your tastes, you’re sure to have a book a day.”

In the future, the hotel plans to expand its book collection and will include tons of Japanese guides in English.

Although the books are free to read, they are actually for sale at the library. In addition to the compartments, the library is also compatible with e-books and offers customers free Wi-Fi.


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