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> Assistant Sushi Chef Serah Duhaylongsod, Sushi Chef Miki Yanagihara and Chef Ryan Muraoka are smiling for a photo behind some of the many offerings at Shokudo Japanese Restaurant & Bar.

Shokudo Japanese Restaurant & Bar continues to serve as a premier destination for locals and visitors seeking the popular cuisine that has put the restaurant on the culinary map.

Conveniently located on Kapiolani Boulevard near the bustling Ala Moana center, the Shokudo Japanese Restaurant & Bar offers a range of delicious choices that diners have enjoyed and enjoyed since the restaurant opened in 2005.

The restaurant has recently moved to its previous location, in the same Ala Moana Pacific Center building, and offers a welcoming ambiance that creates a memorable dining experience with exceptional customer service. The relaxed and inviting setting is ideal for families, couples, and large groups wishing to celebrate a special occasion or enjoy an evening out.

(From left to right) Second course: Sakizuke-Toro Tartate; first class: Surinagashi Sampler; third class: Men-Aosa Somen

Shokudo has just introduced a new omakase menu, which roughly translates to “The choice is yours, chef”. In essence, guests trust Shokudo Sushi Chef Miki Yanagihara, formerly Assistant Sushi Chef at Nobu, Hawaii, to plan and deliver a delicious six-course meal. The omakase menu was crafted by mixing traditional kaiseki menu items and infusing them with local ingredients.

“Chef Miki and the culinary team will take guests on an edible journey fueled by delicious bites, precision and cooking skills,” said General Manager Ryan Ko. “Our omakase menu features well-garnished nigiri sushi as well. that tasty kaiseki, traditional Japanese style dishes. Omakase menus, like the one we put together, usually feature the freshest fish and the best seasonal items. “

Sixth course: Mizumoto (dessert) with Matcha Toast

The omakase menu begins with a sample of Surinagashi comprising a traditional soup made with seasonal vegetables as well as chilled edamame, Kahuku corn and a trio of kubocha. The second dish highlights the Sakizuke-Toro Tartate while the UDSA beef, fresh tuna brisket, takuan, uzura, avocado, bubu arare and kaiware are seasoned with a light soy sauce à la truffle.

The third class follows with Men-Aosa Somen, with somen, shirodashi and aosa noodles, which precedes an enticing assortment of eight nigiri: chu-toro (with zukedare chutoro and kizami wasabi), kanpachi (with kaiware and homemade yuzu dressing) , shiro ika (with pan-seared ika, house ume vinaigrette, nori kizami and shiso), hamachi (prepared fresh and spicy with negi, crispy rice and house soy), king salmon (with Maui onion, tobiko and house ponzu vinaigrette), hotate ( pan-fried with su-miso, bubu arare and micro coriander), local ahi poke (with crispy renkon chips) and ikura (a mini ikura donburi with uzura, kizami nori and shiso.

Fourth course: assortment of eight nigiri

Suimono-Asari Sake represents the fifth course with clams, mirin and dashi. To complete the special meal, save room for the Mizumoto (dessert) course with matcha toast made with Japanese white bread, mascarpone cheese and azuki.

The special menu is priced at $ 75 per person, and for the moment it is available Monday through Thursday at two service hours: 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Reservations are required for the omakase menu, and on days when the menu is served may be subject to change depending on availability.



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