Koyo Group tests cashless biometric technology in Japanese hotel


Koyo Group, which operates convenience stores and restaurants in hospitals and other establishments across Japan, partnered with Zippin and Fujitsu to open a cashless store in the Yokohama Techno Tower Hotel in Kanagawa.

The care of Green Leaves More store, which sells prepackaged food and drink as well as fresh boxed bento meals, opened earlier this year as a pilot and will begin full-scale operations in April. Customers can enter the store through a smartphone app after registering their credit card information, then can leave with their items without the need to interact with a cashier. Customers can also pre-register for biometric authentication, eliminating the need for a smartphone and allowing buyers to enter with a swipe of the palm.

Koyo plans to use the Yokohama Techno Tower hotel location as a model to develop new food service concepts for hospitals, where people need 24 hour access to food and drink and cashless technology could eliminate the need for 24-hour staff.

“Zippin is excited to be working with Fujitsu to power cashless technology for this new Koyo hotel store,” Krishna Motukuri, co-founder and CEO of cashless technology provider Zippin, said in a statement. “We believe there is great growth potential for cashless retail in Japan. Any store with 24-hour access is a great location for cashless technology, as stores can stay open without having to maintain staff levels, especially during off-peak times. The opportunities are endless. “


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