JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru Presents Japanese Restaurant


UNO invites diners to indulge in decadent Japanese cuisine and offers signature cocktails and drinks to accompany the all-new Japanese menu

A catering hotspot and social haven, ‘UNO’ earlier known as Bar Uno, has an exciting new identity with a fascinating twist to their overall offerings. UNO brings an exquisite blend of Asian flavors under the expertise of Chef Joel. Joel and his culinary team have carefully crafted a variety of Japanese offerings; the restaurant offers signature cocktails and drinks to complement the brand new Japanese menu.

Sharing his enthusiasm, Chef Joel, Jr. Sous Chef, JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru said, “The newly launched Japanese cuisine at UNO is inspired by the farm-to-plate concept with ingredients that are put on the plate to showcase the culinary creativity of the kitchen at its best. UNO not only aims to create an unforgettable dining experience, but an ode to Japanese street food that has brilliant aromas, flavors and unique cooking technique, celebrating connections and unity.

The new restaurant welcomes diners to indulge in decadent Japanese cuisine that creates authenticity with varied dishes mixed with warmth and friendliness. The menu is an ode to Japanese street delicacies, featuring a range of cold and hot starters, soups, tempura, Joel’s Makimuono, Sashimi / Nigiri, Sushi Platter, Sashimi Platter, Joel’s Platter and ending with desserts. Some of the must-have menu items are Soft Tofu Carpaccio, Big Eye Tuna Pizza, Yasha Scallops, Edamame, Wasabi Shrimp, Miso Black Cod, Yasai, Ebi Ae, Green California, Alexey Smirnov, Dyna Ebi Maki, Sake Salmon, Hotate Scallop platter, tako, sushi and sashimi and desserts like matcha green tea mousse and red ruby.

Speaking on occasion, Gaurav Sinha, Director of Operations, JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru said, “We are delighted to launch UNO as the city’s new destination for Japanese cuisine. Chef Joel’s new UNO menu celebrates various culinary forms of the Land of the Rising Sun. Chef Joel and his team of skilled mixologists offer a diverse range of mouthwatering Japanese dishes and thirst-quenching drinks to devour.

This Japanese concept restaurant has taken a fascinating turn on classic design, as the overall atmosphere embraces an urban environment in a relaxed setting. With a tantalizing selection of Japanese-inspired drinks and cocktails, as well as a wide variety of dishes, UNO has all the ingredients for a great night out.


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