Japan has random hotel room gacha capsule vending machine


Offers stays for solo or pair travelers in cities from Tokyo to Sapporo, some with suites and breakfasts included.

The best of Japan vending machines for gacha capsules are the ones who stop you dead and make you say: “They sell WHAT?!? ” Often times it’s the simple weirdness factor that triggers this response, such as when you see a gacha machine full of shoddy origami folded by flashy fashionable young women or cat figures bowing to s ‘excuse.

But instead of relying on eccentricity, the latest noteworthy gacha machine attracts attention by offering Random Japanese hotel stay packages!

▼ Logo for the Tobu hotel group Hotel Gacha program

In addition to train lines and department stores, Tobu Group also operates a number of hotels and tourist attractions. Later this month, the company will set up a gacha machine with capsules containing vouchers for overnight stays in 11 different hotels managed by Tobu. Each voucher allows up to two guests to stay, and with each capsule at the cost of only 5,555 yen (US $ 48), if you share the cost with a traveling companion, this is an amazing bargain.

The Hotel Gacha machine is located on the third floor of the Solamachi leisure complex at the foot of the Tokyo Sky Tree. Purchases should be made using cashless payment through systems such as PayPay, Rakuten Pay, Line Pay, d Harai, au Pay, merpay, Ginko Pay, WeChat Pay or Alipay.

Tobu also has no plans to block buyers in unpopular destinations or run down rooms.. In addition to some of the most desirable locations in Tokyo, possible prices are for rooms in top tourist spots like Nikko, Sendai, and Sapporo, and some of the coupons are for suites or include breakfasts.

▼ For example, this premium twin of the AC Hotel by Marriott Tokyo Ginza is much prettier than you would expect for a 5,555 yen hotel room.

The possible prices for hotel stays are:

1. AC Hotel by Marriott Tokyo Ginza (premium twin or double room, breakfast included)
2. AC Hotel by Marriott Tokyo Ginza (superior double or twin room, breakfast included)
3. Courtyard Marriott Ginza Tobu Hotel (master bedroom with king-size bed)
4. Utsunomiya Hotel Grande (suite room, breakfast included)
5. Choice between Asakusa Tobu hotel, Kawagoe Tobu hotel or Wako Tobu hotel (double or twin room)
6. Hotel Nikko Kanaya (standard room)
7. Chuzenji Kanaya Hotel (standard room)
8. Nikko Astraea Hotel (Japanese or Western style room)
9. Sendai Kokusai Hotel (relaxed double or twin room)
10. Fairfield by Marriott Sapporo (double room)

▼ Hotel Nikko Kanaya

However, Although each Hotel Gacha machine capsule contains a price related to the hotel, not all of them are intended for overnight stays. Some capsules instead contain vouchers for meals at hotels and properties managed by Tobu in Tokyo, including dinner for two at Sky Restaurant 634 in the Tokyo Skytree (owned by Tobu), accompanied by a pair of tower observation deck tickets.

The other meal tickets are for dinners, lunches, buffets or afternoon tea services at AC Hotel by Marriott Tokyo Ginza, Courtyard Marriot Ginza Tobu Hotel, Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo and Shibuya Tobu Hotel. As with the hotel stay packages, all meal plans are regularly priced over 5,555 yen, so whatever capsule comes out for you, you get a discount from what you would normally have to pay.

The Hotel Gacha machine will be installed on the third floor of Skytree’s Solamachi complex (which requires no entry fee) on December 16 and will be in service until January 15 or its 500 capsules will be used up, whichever comes first, with the vouchers redeemable between January 4 and March 31.

Source, images: PR Times
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