Ikea Japan has just launched tiny apartments that cost R13.62 per month!


Ikea’s Japanese branch has just launched a project called “Tiny Homes” for residents of Shinjuku, Tokyo. The fully furnished apartments are 107 square feet in size and feature a two-level loft design. These houses are for short-term rental contracts and cost only 99 Japanese yen (R13.69).

Ikea Japan rents apartments for only R13!

Furniture giant Ikea is now venturing into the real estate market. The company’s Japanese subsidiary has just launched a business called Tiny Homes and allows Tokyo residents to rent small apartments for just R13.69 per month.

The small apartment has been designed as a loft and as an entrance, a kitchenette, a bathroom and a space for a washing machine. The sliding stairs allow occupants to ascend to the bedroom which is elevated from the lower space.

The apartments are decorated with Ikea furniture supplied with the apartment. Tenants will, however, have to pay for utilities themselves.

World-class marketing

Ikea’s famous toy shark, Blahaj was used to promote the apartments and can be seen in promotional videos enthusiastically revealing the small space.

Those interested in renting apartments can visit “Blahaj Real Estate Offices” in Tokyo for more information. Initiated reports that the mini-homes will be rented on short-term leases until January 15, 2023.

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Interested parties will also need to submit an application and apply for a free Ikea Family membership to qualify.

The publication also reports that there is currently only one apartment up for grabs. The number of people who applied for the apartment was not disclosed.

A welcome idea

The Tiny Home project has been well received by netizens who say the idea will help give the less fortunate a decent housing option. Many of them also called to expand the Ikea project across the world.

@Zeke_Cao wrote:

“I would definitely apply. “

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