Guinea pigs found abandoned in Hickories Park


Tioga County Sheriff’s officials are investigating a unique “good found” case with a high niceness factor.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to Hickories Park in Owego at 3 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 23, where someone found an unattended laundry basket on the shore. Deputies say there were six guinea pigs in the basket and, despite the weather, the cute guinea pigs in the crate appeared to be doing well.

Photo courtesy of the Tioga County Sheriff’s Office

Photo courtesy of the Tioga County Sheriff’s Office

While guinea pigs (cavies) are native to South America, including the mountainous regions of Peru, domestic animals available in the pet trade are not accustomed to extreme weather conditions.

the Society for the Protection of Animals on its website, guinea pigs are indoor pets except in tropical environments and should be kept in draft-free areas with a temperature between 65 and 79 degrees.

Authorities have little information on who may have left the friendly little rodents along the riverbank, with the only description of a suspicious vehicle being that a white Subaru sedan with a roof rack was seen in the area.

The sheriff’s office said it is actively investigating the animal cruelty case.

Anyone with information should call (607) 687-1010.

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