GoFundMe set up for Princeton Orchards apartment fire victims


Before my husband and I moved to East Windsor, we lived in Dayton in the Princeton Orchards Apartments for five years.

We loved our apartment so much and loved the management too. F-11 was part of our history because it was the first place my husband and I lived together. We have learned a lot about ourselves and each other.

I was absolutely devastated when I heard about the huge fire in Princeton Orchards Apartments August 6. So many people have contacted me to tell me about it. The fire was still under investigation to my knowledge.

Thank goodness no one was killed or seriously injured, but the damage was so severe that four families lost everything.

A GoFundMe was set up for the four families who lost everything in this terrible fire that devastated their lives and caused them to lose everything.

There are four families which all have different needs and you can read more about each family. here. All the families are accommodated elsewhere because the apartments can no longer be inhabited because of all the damage for a few months.

Something else that needs is a foster home for a dog who has lived in Princeton Orchards. The dog owner can stay in an area that the dog cannot. Christopher Carbone who is organizing the fundraiser can be contacted if you are interested.

If you are able to donate something, please do so. I can’t imagine going through what they are going through right now, especially as three out of four families have children.

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