Gilt Cocktail Bar opens in iconic Burj Al Arab Jumeirah


The iconic Burj Al Arab Jumeirah opened a brand new contemporary cocktail bar – Gilt – on 27e Stage. The dazzling bar invites patrons to enjoy the vibrant ambience, while a team of highly trained bartenders create drinks that mesmerize for their intricate simplicity. Presented by renowned mixologist Thibault Mequignon, Gilt offers a constantly evolving, dynamic and innovative menu, strongly focused on flavors and fresh ingredients, designed to enlighten its audience.

A master of unusual cocktail creations, Mequignon has a unique approach to drinks that is inspired by the Michelin-starred kitchens in which he has worked. “The research and development sessions are really important to me. Thibault’s comments; “It is during these sessions that we can develop our artistic expression in unique and innovative ways and seek to push the boundaries of what is expected of a drink. Our cocktails are made in our in-house laboratory before being added to the menu and it is in this laboratory that we use different techniques such as centrifuge, vacuum or rotovap to combine, infuse or extract flavors to create original and balanced flavors. cocktails, to impress and please our guests.

Gilt’s incredible cocktail menu features all of the best-selling and signature drinks Thibault has created throughout his impressive career. Like a chef with a signature dish, each cocktail is an ode to a place Thibault has traveled to, or a combination of flavors he loves. The extensive drink menu promises to intrigue and delight guests with the intricate simplicity demonstrated in each drink, which is a welcome contrast to Gilt’s opulent interiors and surroundings. Expertly crafted in the Cocktail Lab, each cocktail demonstrates a unique approach to beverage creation, which is sure to make Gilt’s beverage menu stand out.

For a fresh, sour taste, Thibault’s signature Sorrel Cocktail is the perfect choice, with flavors that include sorrel, yopol (dehydrated yogurt), lime and green cardamom. This cocktail has been perfected by Thibault over the years and was originally inspired by a dessert he made while working in the kitchens of the two Michelin star restaurant ‘La Grenouillère’. The dessert’s unique combination of flavors made it a Thibault favorite and inspired him to create a drink that captures those same flavor profiles.

The Sakura cocktail with a mineral and floral tasting is inspired by Thibault’s travels in Japan, with flavors like cherry blossom, thanks to Sakura tea, perfectly balanced with grapefruit zest. A lower alcohol content and a fresh, fruity taste make this cocktail the perfect aperitif. Another drink that demonstrates Thibault’s unique approach to flavor combinations is the Bee Pollen concoction. With a mellow honey taste, this drink is perfectly balanced with the sour taste of verjuice. Made from grapes, verjuice has been specially chosen to accompany cognac, also made from grapes.

Sip on bespoke cocktails or Gilt’s carefully curated list of grapes and sparkles, while sampling a selection of exquisite small bites from Michelin Chef Saverio Sbargali’s menu designed for sharing. The delicious Lobster Bao with Sockeye Salmon is a must-have, as is the beef tartare, served with crispy crisps and spicy mayonnaise. The divine French Toast with Truffle and Pommes Dauphine with its herb mayonnaise, are perfect to accompany cocktails, as well as the Caviar menu, which includes Beluga imperial caviar and Oscietra Royal.

The unique and iconic design of the place, which shines in a warm light, is dominated by a magnificent gold ingot, which is framed by a characteristic wall of white marble with gold streaks, creating a welcoming and elegant space. A touch of lush green plants further elevates the scene, as well as chic chairs that invite guests to sit back, relax and enjoy the unparalleled view from the 27e Floor of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah.

Enjoy a trendy club atmosphere in Gilt on special nights and weekend evenings, with live entertainment designed by Clic Beat. From 6e from January and performing every two or three months, Gilt will also host a famous bartender, who will occupy the bar for one night only. This exciting series of events will kick off with the famous French bartender, Nico de Soto, who will prepare cocktails alongside the Gilt team and present a very special menu created especially for the occasion. These events will showcase international talent, elevating Gilt’s place on the Dubai and international cocktail scene.


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