Find Christmas fun at the Café Royal hotel in London


London has no shortage of holiday spirit, even during Boris Johnson’s “Plan B”. From shop windows with lights draped across the street to Christmas trees in every hotel, London is a Christmas lover’s dream. And the Hotel Café Royal in upscale Mayfair has gone all out this year. Find out why you should visit the Hotel Café Royal for Christmas fun.

Stay at the Hôtel Café Royal

The Café Royal hotel is located on the edge of Mayfair and Soho, perched high above the decadent Christmas decorations of Regent Street. The design of the hotel is a particularly endearing combination of old and new, as well as East and West. When you walk into the lobby you know you are in the heart of London, but when you walk down the halls to your room you may think you have teleported to Tokyo due to the Japanese-inspired woodwork and opaque paper screens.

The rooms are filled with modern furniture, original artwork, and a few pops of color. However, the bathrooms are what really impresses. The term ‘marble bathroom’ doesn’t do them justice – they are more like marble palaces with heated floors, his and him sinks, showers so spacious they invite companionship and a bathroom. abundance of Diptyque products.

However, if you go for a suite, you will also benefit from a beautiful living space, a large hall and, hopefully, a beautiful view. The overall design is very different from that of so many other hotels in the area, it’s a refreshing break from old London, in exchange for a taste of life in Mayfair today.

Cakes and Bubbles

However, whether you are staying at the Hotel Café Royal or not, the big news right now for the property is their pop up holiday tea. Nicknamed “Cakes and bubbles”, this festive event presents creations by “the best pastry chef in the world” Albert Adrià. The dining room where Cakes and Bubbles takes place sparkles in a golden Christmas decor, making it a fun place to spend an afternoon all around.

The seriousness that usually accompanies afternoon tea in London is far from visible and every bite is about culinary excitement. You start with a chocolate cap, a baklava cushion, a golden egg flan, and a strawberry marshmallow. You then switch to ‘Rose’, which is literally a rose with an edible bubble of lychee, raspberry, and rosewater. And then finally, the main event is a “cheesecake”, which is a bit saltier than what we are used to in the United States, as it is made up of Baron Bigod Cheese, hazelnuts and white chocolate.

And of course, when the whole thing is washed down with a glass or two of Veuve Clicquot, what could be better?

To eat

Of course, the Hotel Café Royal offers a few other dining options besides cakes and bubbles. Stop by the bar for a drink before or after dinner in a classic five-star hotel atmosphere. And in the morning, it’s always worth indulging in decadent Full English – with rooms as luxurious as these you’ll want to order to soak up the views and give yourself plenty of time to maybe enjoy. an extra long shower in these fabulous bathrooms before setting out to explore all that London has to offer this time of year.

Getting There

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