Experience super accessible glamping in a seaside park at INN THE PARK Fukuoka


Luxury campsite by the ocean has become much more accessible.

Glamping and camping experiences have become more common in recent years, from camping in a temple to camping on an uninhabited island, etc.

However, some sites are not easily accessible by train or other means of public transport. But fortunately, INN THE PARK is very accessible to residents and visitors of Fukuoka!

Just a short walk from Uminonakamichi Station on the JR Kashii Line, INN THE PARK is right in the middle of Fukuoka’s Uminonakamichi Seaside Park.

▼ And it looks pretty cool too.

INN THE PARK facilities include 13 domed tents, 12 glamping tents, three cabins by the seaand a two-room suite by the ocean. The grounds also include a restaurant, coffee stand, barbecue area, lounge, and onsen hot spring baths.

▼ Those orbs from before? One of them could be your bedroom!

The spacious domes light up at night, creating a scene almost like an art exhibit – 13 orbs floating on the ground in a park.

▼ Or, if orbs aren’t your thing, a tent might be more to your liking.

glamping tents, available from march to november, consist of two tents under a 17-meter (55.7-foot) tarp. Each can accommodate two to eight people. Both tents in each unit are heated and you can also enjoy an ‘alfresco dining’ experience as part of the meal plan.

▼ Not many people can wake up to this view of Fukuoka.

There are also three cabins perfect for couples and solo travelers, each with a window wall that overlooks the Hakata district of Fukuoka city beyond the ocean. If you want to live the experience of sleeping on the water without seasickness, this is the place to book.

▼ But if you want even more privacy, there is an option for that.

And finally, for a complete VIP experience, you can book the Secluded Suite Room which consists of two bedrooms. It can accommodate groups of two to four people, and like the cabins, they have a window wall facing the ocean. You can also enjoy a private terrace and meals.

▼ And now to one of the most important parts of the trip: the food.

▼ This fancy dinner has a ton of local ingredients.

The restaurant and barbecue menus are filled with ingredients sourced from the Kyushu region, led by Chief Masaki Yoshiyawho worked as a sous-chef at the Petit Verdot in Paris.

▼ Can you imagine having a barbecue under this dome?

▼ “All-inclusive” really means all-inclusive.

You don’t need to bring anything other than yourself for the BBQ lunch experience – all equipment and food will be provided. You can also use the barbecue area even if you are not spending the night!

▼ Don’t worry, there’s also caffeine on site.

And if you want to enjoy a good cup of coffee, you can grab one from the coffee stand produced by the owner of a famous cafe in Tokyo, Little Nap Coffee Stand.

▼ Looking for things to do? The sitting area has plenty.

The lounge offers activities for children and adults, including games, books and an extensive record collection and setup for you to enjoy the music.

▼ And the part a lot of people are looking forward to: the bath.

▼ The interior is so bright and spacious, you’ll feel like you’re outside.

It wouldn’t be a true one-night Japanese experience without onsen hot springs, would it? The spacious bath overlooks the bay, and there is also a sauna inside.

Apart from the facilities, there is also plenty to do in the area like visiting the zoo, marine park, horseback riding, an athletics park tower, and more. One night might not be enough to pack everything!

You can book rooms on the INN THE PARK website anytime since reservations opened on March 15. So if you’re looking for even more things to do on your next trip to Fukuoka, consider hosting a glamping experience there.

Source: PR time, HOSTEL THE PARK
Insert images: PR Times
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