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South Park: Post Covid continues the franchise’s tradition of satirising pop culture, and here’s every Easter Egg and reference in the latest special. Post-Covid is the first in a series of projects South Park Specials for Paramount +, with Part 2 slated for release in December. South Park debuted on Comedy Central in 1997 and continues to air on the channel, but creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have also recently created exclusive specials for other streaming services. After a great success with “The Pandemic Special” on HBO Max, South Park moved to Paramount + as part of a deal with ViacomCBS to post 14 original specials.


The special jumps 40 years into the future to 2061, with the children of South Park aging for the first time in 25 years. Following the events of “South ParQ Vaccination Special”, the group of friends fell apart and Stan Marsh left South Park to become a whiskey consultant. Stan gets a call from his childhood best friend Kyle Broflovski, who stayed in South Park to work on a “online advice for start-ups,And who learns of the death of their childhood friend, Kenny McKormick. While it’s a long-standing joke that Kenny dies, South Park: Post Covid is a rare case where his death is taken somewhat seriously. Eric Cartman, who converted to Judaism and became a rabbi in Colorado Springs, is also back in town, much to Kyle’s chagrin.

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A common gag on the special involves characters repeatedly referencing changes in society reminding others that this is the way it is now, “because it is the future.” In South ParkIn the imagined future, the police were counted, which led to the normalization of crime in society. Restaurants no longer serve meat, as everyone in the future has collectively decided that this is the responsible choice, and many companies only accept Bitcoin as currency. In addition to gently poking fun at the management of the company, Post-Covid also contains the expected pop culture commentary from South Park, who even anticipated Framing Britney in 2008. The hour-long special uses memorable moments from iconic films as a premise and takes advantage of the special’s setting to anticipate the direction of entertainment. Here are all the references to Easter eggs and pop culture in South Park: Post Covid.

Mad Max 10

Adult Stan and Woman Alexa at South Park Post Covid

In a scene premiere showing Stan in his home office, a poster for the film Mad Max 10 is posted on the wall. It could be as simple as South Park parodying the endless stream of sequels coming out of Hollywood, but what made them choose Mad Max? Perhaps it’s the post-apocalyptic setting of the franchise that’s important. Since the future of Mad Max 5 is in the air and the spin-off Mad Max: Furiosa has been postponed to 2024, maybe it’s just the franchise title that’s relevant. With the concern of companies and institutions to add “Max” at the end of a name in South Parkin the imagined future, this could be the primary explanation for the continued success of the action franchise.

Each company is “Max” or “Plus”

Stan arrives at Denny's Applebee's Max in South Park Post Covid

Even the battle between the streaming services is prone to humor in the special, with all of the businesses and institutions in South Park having either “Max” or “Plus” appended to their names. This is a reference to the many streaming services that have embraced this trend, especially the two that have served as home to South Parkthe original promotions. Stone and Parker’s $ 900million deal with ViacomCBS includes six more seasons for Comedy Central, plus 14 more South Park projects exclusively for Paramount +. This explains why the name of the town’s primary school was changed to South Park Elementary Plus. The merger of Denny’s and Applebee’s to become Denny’s Applebee’s Max could also be a reference to the 2019 merger between Viacom and CBS, which resulted in CBS All Access renamed Paramount +.

Blade Runner Geisha Candy ad

Blade Runner Geisha Candy Ad and South Park Post Covid Parody

Adding to the dystopian reference of Mad Max is a repeated recreation of the Geisha Candy commercial of Blade runner, first shown on a screen above Denny’s Applebee’s Max. A slight variation of the same ad also appears on a screen above the Shady Acres Retirement Community building, which is a skyscraper similar to the one displaying the ad in Blade runner. The advertisement in Ridley Scott’s classic sci-fi film serves as an indicator of Japanese influence in future society, while Post-Covid seems to use it to indicate the same dystopian feeling described in Blade runner.

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The premise of it: Chapter 2

The children of Chapter 2 and the children of South Park Post Covid have grown up

The rule of thumb that adult South Park children return to their hometowns after news of a death is similar to the setup for It: Chapter 2. Similar to the second part of the popular horror franchise, most of South Park’s childhood friends have moved on. Along with Cartman and Stan, Wendy Testaburger returns to town with her husband Darwin, along with Clyde Donovan and longtime couple Tweek Tweak and Craig Tucker. The biggest difference between the two is the cause of death that brings friends back to town. While the children are gathered in It: Chapter 2 after the suicide of a character, the death of Kenny in Post-Covid is due to the coronavirus. Jimmy Valmer is also returning to town a successful comedian, reflecting the career of adult Richard “Richie” Tozier (Bill Hader) in It: Chapter 2.

Cartman’s wife’s name is Yentl

Barbara Streisand as wife of Yentl and South Park Post Covid Cartman

Cartman’s Conversion to Judaism is Easy Post-Covidmost unexpected development in the future, especially given his long-standing propensity to ridicule Kyle for his Semitic origins. In addition to his return as a rabbi, Cartman is also a family man who arrives with his three children and a wife named Yentl. Cartman’s Wife is probably intended as a reference to the 1983 film, Yentl, which starred Barbra Streisand. Most people in South Park are skeptical of Cartman’s sudden change in behavior, though it remains to be seen whether his transformation is sincere or part of an elaborate ploy to terrorize Kyle.

Space Jam 2 Burn

Lebron James animated in Space Jam 2

The public was disappointed with the release of Jam space 2, and apparently Matt Stone too. By answering a question for an interview in August (via Bloomberg), Stone said: “If we did an episode now, of course it would be Space Jam 2.” While Post-Covid doesn’t fully fulfill that promise, he uses the Looney Tunes movie as an excuse for such a bleak future. According to Randy Marsh, “Space Jam 2 was released and we all gave up.

Late at night with Jimmy

Adult Jimmy Valmer in South Park Post Covid

Jimmy Valmer’s success as a comedian in Post-Covid is pictured with his new job as the host of a show titled Late at night with Jimmy, a clear reference to other late night hosts named Jimmy. With a nod to Tonight’s Show with Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jimmy’s future career offers the opportunity to South Park continue to parody the awakened culture. South Park laughed at disney + The puppet show warning in their latest pandemic-focused episode, “South ParQ Vaccination Special,” mimicking an offensive content warning placed before certain episodes of the puppet variety show. There aren’t any real jokes in Jimmy’s routines, because the political correctness of the future has taken all the jitters out of the comedy.

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Silence configuration of the lambs

Doctor outside Victor Chaos cell in South Park Post Covid

There are several scenes in Post-Covid located in the South Park Mental Asylum Plus, which contains a character named Victor Chaos. The returning characters find out that Chaos was helping Kenny as a millionaire scientist researching the origins of the coronavirus. The gang discovers the mental asylum patient may have the answers he needs to the mystery behind Kenny’s death, mirroring the establishment of Thesilenceofthelambs. Although the character is never seen in the South Park special, there is ample evidence to suggest that Victor Chaos is in fact Butters Stotch. Considering the setup, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Buster confined in the same way as Hannibal Lector when he is finally revealed as Victor Chaos in Part 2 of South Park: Post Covid.

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