Enjoy a memorable celebration at the New World Makati Hotel


New World Makati Hotel has developed a range of delightful party experiences that ensure a worry-free vacation stay. Whether it’s finding a well-deserved stay with a relaxing dip in the pool and a massage at the spa or dining with family or friends, guests can expect ultimate comfort during a memorable getaway in city.

City vacation stay

A rewarding stay in this luxury room.

While it is convenient to vacation at home, there is no better way to reward the family than by providing them with a fulfilling stay that includes a delicious breakfast buffet for two adults and two children up to. at age 11, a relaxing swim in the pool, a soothing massage and sauna session at the spa and an energizing workout at the fitness center.

The New World Makati Hotel December getaway costs P7,500 net for a deluxe room with breakfast for two adults and two children. The Marahai Spa offers its signature treatment – a combination of shiatsu and Swedish massage – with a 30 percent discount (from P 2,500) of P 1,750 net with use of the sauna and steam room. Advance reservations are required.

A generous buffet

Café 1228 offers a delicious buffet.

Café 1228 offers a delicious buffet. Returning on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, guests stocked up on high-end selections such as American rib eye and honey glazed ham, grilled meats such as beef tenderloin, lamb chops. and pork ribs, seafood including lobster, crabs, shrimp, clams and more, Filipino favorites lechon and morcon, as well as Italian, Japanese, Chinese items and an extensive dessert set. The promotion includes a glass of sparkling, white or red wine and free flowing sodas, juices and iced tea.

On New Year’s Eve, roast turkey replaces honey-glazed ham, with American sirloin steak still available. Main courses include beef bourguignon and baby back ribs, while grilled meats, seafood, and international dishes are the same as on the Christmas menu.

An additional tariff of P588 net pairs the hearty feast with free-flowing local beer and wines. New Years Eve lunch and dinner are priced at P 2250 net. On New Years Day, the rate is P2 022 net.

Seasonal menus

Guests can expect ultimate comfort during a memorable city break at New World Makati Hotel.

Guests can expect ultimate comfort during a memorable city break at New World Makati Hotel.

Jasmine’s beloved upscale dishes showcase seasonal eight-course menus. For New Years Eve and New Years Eve, menu 1 includes a combined platter of barbecued suckling pig, minced beef soup with tofu, wok-fried chicken and shrimp in XO sauce, a fillet of Fried garoupa with cream sauce, mixed vegetables chopped on lettuce, fu noodles, shimeji and conpoy mushrooms, glutinous rice ball with milk chocolate and sago mango cream.

Menu 2 consists of a salad of cold shrimps, mango and cucumber, Japanese conpoy with abalone shell in a seafood soup, wok-fried beef tenderloin with scallops in XO sauce, fried pork ribs in a wok with cantaloupe and sweet and sour sauce, braised tofu with a mixture of mushrooms and broccoli, sautéed Fujian misua, steamed egg custard buns and mango sago.

Vegetarian menus for the New Year are also available: Roll of crispy fried tofu sheet and assorted vegetables, Corn soup and tofu, Vegetables and mushrooms sliced ​​in a cup of lettuce, Assorted vegetables, mushrooms and bamboo marrow, Braised tofu in Taiwanese countryside and pechay, Fried rice with assorted vegetables, Sweet fried taro and sesame seeds, and Hot red bean cream with lotus seeds.

Jasmine’s set menus are available for dinner only and are priced at P 2,288 and P 2,488, respectively.

Whatever the reason to celebrate this season, there is always something for everyone on this vacation at New World Makati Hotel.


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